Soho May, 2017 Session


El Nuevo Rakerismo

Plants and Tiles

I find myself, lying on the top of one of the water deposits of my city. A big, low, flat building. 

A loud motorbike has just rode into the city night, burping gasses and combustion residues. 

It’s 1:15am and there are so many things I could be doing right now. Better things.  

I have always been fascinated by this place, perhaps because no one ever comes here and much less at night. It is peaceful, somewhat silent and only some vehicles drive by every once in a while. But overall, it’s forgotten. The tiles of what right now for me is The Floor, although technically a roof, are coming off, and weeds and various plants are slowing growing on it. Fed by the rains and the humidity of this sectors drinking waters. Unaware of everything that happens around then. 

A few minutes have passed and I can no longer see the stars that only short ago got through the yellow and orange reflections of the street lights. There are clouds in the way. 

There are always, clouds in the way. 

Somehow, some time ago… Luckily, waves of electricity still carry the musical signals that excite the coils inside this headphones, which just like the plants, imperviously, bring music to my ears… 

Somehow, some time ago… Someone I once loved, told me about this song. 

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PicoBlaze IDE on OS X

Lately, in our university we’ve been tinkering with the simple 8 bit processor PicoBlaze, for which there is a little simulator out there called “PicoBlaze IDE”.

But as it seems, there are no OS X versions available. So, like before, here is a small port (thanks to Wine) for Mac OS X. I have tested it on three independent Apple machines, running OS X 10.10 and 10.9 and it worked on both.

You can download the Mac version here: (250.6 MB)

Alternate version: if you have any problems with the version above try using this one: (295.4 MB)

As to why it takes so much space: the app bundle contains all the necessary wine support files, in order to run the app without having to install wine into the target computer. Also, should you have any problems running it, it seems like in some cases having X11 installed in your mac allows it to run although it is not always necessary.


Repion Concert


Curso Arduino

Tutorial: Twitter Anonimo

¿Por que debemos proteger nuestro trafico?

Finalmente me he decidido a escribir un tutorial sobre como tener una cuenta de Twitter anónima y como publicar tweets en la misma de forma protegida. La razón por la que me he animado a hacer una pequeña guía para esto es debido a las consecuencias en las que puede derivar en nuestro país hoy en día expresar ciertas opiniones a través de las redes sociales, siendo Twitter una de las mas significativas. No con ello quiero presentarme a favor o en contra de ciertos tipos de comportamiento, si no simplemente defender nuestra privacidad en internet ya que como cualquier buen residente de la red, soy consciente de que muchas veces se utiliza el anonimato de internet para descargarnos con  independencia de lo que hagamos o dejemos de hacer en el mundo no-virtual. De la misma manera, considero que la monitorizacion de las redes sociales por parte de los poderes y las represalias que estos llevan a cabo en ocasiones, presentan una grave amenaza a nuestra libertad de expresión, a nuestra privacidad y a la neutralidad de una red que cada vez se encuentra mas bajo la tutela de los intereses de unos pocos. Dicho esto, me pongo a ello.

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Eurekan Noise (Alexander Markvart & Miguel A. Garcia + Dorje)

Floyd-Warshall (C code)

For all of you who at some point had to implement the Floyd-Warshall algorithm out there, here is a possible way of doing it on C:


This code includes the necessary functions to calculate the path within the network, once the algorithm has been executed. The files include an input and output example.

If you don’t know how the Floyd-Warshall algorithm works then i suggest you read the following Wikipedia article:


I very much doubt i could explain it much better here, but I hope my code can take some of the work off!

LCH and Kokoshca

This past weekend I went to a show at a local bar in Santander. Not even halfway there I was already hating the fact that I had forgotten  to bring earplugs again, and knowing how little regard this particular bar has for music volume I was already preparing myself for a long night of intense music and post-show ear ringing.
The bands were LCH and Kokoshca, both from Spain, and I originally didn’t expect much from them, since a friend of mine had been talking constantly about both of them for the past week. We could say I had grown tired of their names without having even gone to the show yet.
This, however changed rapidly soon into the show.
LCH is a well known local band and as usual, they did not disappoint. It is however the second band that played that night that I’d like to comment on. Positively that is, of course.
With a well staged performance followed by a homy atmosphere with sofas and not too many people, one might think it would lack some kick. But as they went through their setlist their music gained in strength and carried quite a punch. I would describe them as a renewed, slightly more on the Pop side version of The B52’s, although that might be due to their vocalists, whose voices resemble those of The B52’s.

Overall, both highly recommended bands.

Liste to Kokoshca: HERE

Listen to LCH: HERE