So, here is my latest design, basically it’s a USB stick that you plug into your computer and automatically starts broadcasting your music throughout the FM radio. In other words: Plug and play.

It features Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Volumen + and Volumen – controls. And it works in any OS. No drivers required.

The carrier frequency can be adjusted using a variable coil. It can transmit between 88MHz and 108MHz. It drains its power from the USB but an additional amp can be plugged into the antenna output to increase the transmitter power and therefore obtain a greater range.

The schematic: HERE


All files: HERE

You can buy the PCB: HERE



So,basically @Zenxzai and me (@diezc) were arguing earlier about one tiny, little fact the just, bursts us down with anger. The fact that, even thou we all carry at least two clocks with us (watch, phone, etc), why is it that no one is EVER on time. Think about it. I’m sure there is at least one person in your group of friends, if not all, that never arrives at the designated time. Problem is, there is some one who does. In our case, us, @Zenxzai and myself. So, since books for dummies are so “on the wave” these days, and everyone loves them so much (funny thing, for they are actually completely useless, almost) we thought of a new one.
Time for Dummies.
First chapter: The concept of time. One-way flux.
Second chapter: Short history of the clock. Time measuring.
Third chapter: Types of clocks. The Watch.
Forth chapter: How to correctly read the time.
Fifth chapter: Time in modern society.
Sixth chapter: Relative time. Einsteins theory of relativity.
Seventh chapter: Review of most important concepts.

We deeply believe that an understanding of these notions would improve everyone’s life a little, and most important, help us all be happier. seriously. No kidding. No, no we are not.

Yes we really think it could help people.
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