Nightmare Sound Festival

Nightmare Sound Festival
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The Future by Movies

So, in my usual and daily internet sweep i came across this in Geeks are sexy and i suddenly had the urge to post it here too. The reason is very simple, it is awesome. Half of my favourite movies of all times are listed there and there is only like one or two that i haven’t watch (and mostly because i don’t have the time) and like only one that i didn’t know about already. So…yeah, here it is:
The Future by Movies

Opening for Ruidoblanco at Opium Pub

Well, this Saturday Momo had the pleasure of opening for the band Ruidoblanco. After some technical difficulties we manage to keep it almost on schedule. A complete success, i think…

Momo being really drunk and happy

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Momo, Concert at Opium Pub

Well, well, well…To say that our first show as Momo was a complete success, wouldn’t quite describe it!
It was awesome from the very beginning! And we hope that every one there enjoyed it!

We will be playing again on the following dates:
-11th of November at the Pub Opium, Santander at 22h OPENING FOR THE BAND RUIDOBLANCO!
-2nd of December at the Pub La Finca, santander at 22:30h
-23nd of December at the Pub Opium, Santander.

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Lots of thanks to Esther for all the pictures:

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