iTunes Match

About a month ago or so i subscribed to the brand new apple service iTunes Match. I’ve been using it for a while now and i’d like to share with you my insights about it.

First of all, like most products from the bitten fruit it works well. The set up process is really simple. Done using the iTunes Store it works similar to the known Genius. It analyses your music and sends that information to their servers. Once that is done they cross reference your library with theirs so that every song the they already have (form the iTunes Store) is automatically added to the cloud. After that the only thing left to do is upload the remaining songs that they do not have, which takes a while depending on your upload speed.

Now you have a complete back of your music on the iCloud. Neat, right?


If you have a song in your library that they already have and for whatever the reason you need to download it from the cloud, this new file will have no DRM. Also if your original file had a lower quality, the file that you download will be 256 kbps aac. However if the song that you download belongs to that group of songs that you had to download, the new file will be the same that you uploaded. Also you can add multiple computers and iOS devices to your account, so lets say that you own a Netbook or a MacBook Air. The storage capacity in these devices is very limited, however now you can listen to your whole iTunes library on streaming, say without having to store all the files on your computer.


It doesn’t work very well in the iPhone. I’ve tried it on the brand new 4S and even when using WiFi, it just works really slow. So far, there is nothing like having a local copy of the files. Also, you can’t play your music using the browser at limit is 25000 songs, for lots of people that is not enough.

Besides that, it works amazing and i love fact that i have a complete backup in the cloud of my music besides my local backup.

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