Guilt or whatever

“We are only human” – We often justify ourselves behind that; it is often said that everything is relative, also that there isn’t truth or reality per say. Since everything we perceive we do through our senses and those can be deceived, often we also build up so many things in our heads, which also leads to reality not matching those expectation. Recently I’ve been questioning myself a lot. We take decisions everyday, some of them are meaningless: What should i wear? or What am i going to eat? But sometimes those decisions involve people, sometimes it is people that we like, people that we love, people that we care about, those are the ones that matter. It is really hard to be just and fair with the people that we love, we aren’t flawless but we are selfish, we all want something and we all want to get and have that something. However when we don’t and if we really really want it then we take a decision. And afterwards we question it. It is that part that hunts me, hunts me like a curse or a ghost. Did i do the right thing or not? We all have a moral code somewhere in which we rely to take care of all these things.

I now face myself thinking whether i was right or not. After all, we are only human.

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