Plants and Tiles

I find myself, lying on the top of one of the water deposits of my city. A big, low, flat building. 

A loud motorbike has just rode into the city night, burping gasses and combustion residues. 

It’s 1:15am and there are so many things I could be doing right now. Better things.  

I have always been fascinated by this place, perhaps because no one ever comes here and much less at night. It is peaceful, somewhat silent and only some vehicles drive by every once in a while. But overall, it’s forgotten. The tiles of what right now for me is The Floor, although technically a roof, are coming off, and weeds and various plants are slowing growing on it. Fed by the rains and the humidity of this sectors drinking waters. Unaware of everything that happens around then. 

A few minutes have passed and I can no longer see the stars that only short ago got through the yellow and orange reflections of the street lights. There are clouds in the way. 

There are always, clouds in the way. 

Somehow, some time ago… Luckily, waves of electricity still carry the musical signals that excite the coils inside this headphones, which just like the plants, imperviously, bring music to my ears… 

Somehow, some time ago… Someone I once loved, told me about this song. 

By diezc Posted in Human

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