Electronics & Projects

Just a quick index to all the posts related to my projects: 

  1. Aure Mars And Remote (Electronics)
  2. Eurekan Noise (Alexander Markvart & Miguel A. Garcia + Dorje) (Video&Visual)
  3. Logic Friday for Mac OS X (Software)
  4. Floyd-Warshall Algorithm with C (Software)
  5. PicoBlaze IDE for Mac OS X (Software)
  6. Martes Gua Gua (Radio&Music)
  7. Event (Video&Visual)
  8. OSHPark Gerber Cam Job (Eagle CAD) (Software)
  9. ProyectoIV (Electronics)
  10. PortaFM (Hardware)
  11. AsciSaver (Software)
  12. LightRGB (Electronics)
  13. Medidor EMF (Electronics)
  14. knight_rider (Electronics)

Feel free to explore, use, download or do anything you want with the code, schematics, etc.

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