All Good Things…

Don’t believe when you confide is me, I don’t get your thrift – but you keep saying that we know the drill. I have to follow, have to follow the head. Humbleness is not the major thing, neither modesty. You’ve got a big ego indeed; is not as big as me. So what? SO WHAT? What do you think you’re doing? What? So what? So what do you think you’re doing now? Now all the big and broken promises, failing behind me. So what? So what? So what do you think you’re doing? What? SO WHAT? So what do you think you’re doing now?

Everything reminds me of you, from the movies to the music we knew, and I’m going round in circles and I don’t know what to do, coz’ everything reminds me of you.
Everyday’s a trip to the moon, everyday I tell myself “soon.. I won’t be going round in circles and I’ll know just what to do”.
Couse everything reminds me of you. Everything reminds me of you, from the movies to the music we knew, and I’m going round in circles and I don’t know what to do, coz’ everything reminds me of you.

I’m OK with the little you give. I’m ok and I’m not dropping a hint that it’s ok like this. OK, the contradiction is me, crash it off and you see no thing to fix. OK, the kid is me. /… / I’m fine when the daylight retreats. I feel it’s my retrieval of me, just what I want to see. /… / Hey! I need to touch what i thought I had: your back, my back, the back of our hands. /… / I know a place to be outta place, I’m not very far, far, far away. Hey! I need to touch what i thought I had: your back, my back, the back of our hands.

Logic Friday OS X

So, a couple of years ago i set myself to find a simple program that could perform simple digital algebra operations. Eventually i found Logic Friday, which turned out to be simple to use, fast and powerful enough for simple problems. It is basically a GUI for espresso and misII and it works wonderfully. However it is only available for windows, so here is a simple Mac version of Logic Friday (thanks to Wine). I have tested it in multiple apple computers running 10.8 and it worked fine.

All the credit to Sontrak  (where you can download the original windows version and obtain further information on the Logic Friday tool) and to the espresso and misII tools*

You can download the Mac version here: (251.0 MB)

ALSO: Make sure that you have X11 installed in your Mac! It used to come preinstalled in OS X but not anymore!!!!

*Espresso and misII are copyright © 1988-1993, Regents of the University of California.

Martes Gua Gua

Bueno pues aquí dejo el programa que hicimos hace poco en el centro cultural Eureka para el ciclo de Martes Gua Gua de podcasts sobre la música en la nube con la colaboración de Repion, que aceptaron a tocar en directo y a una entrevista!

Podéis escucharlo en el soundcloud o en bandcamp!


So here is a video that we made the past few days.


An idea that we had some time ago, although this didn’t turn out the exact same way we had in mind, we liked it anyways. So here it is, for your enjoyment.

Nothing to be done

As i look around the room, observing the people here, all of them looking for a job I’m told the schedule. It does not work for me, but i decide to stay anyways, i thought it could be interesting. It is a group interview.

There are about 30 of us, and the interviewer just asked us to sell her a tooth brush. An electric tooth brush. There are all kinds of people here. All of them with the same objective, getting this phone sales job. In a country mostly unemployed.

I’m only here looking for a student job that can fit into my universities schedule and this is a full time kind of thing. Everyone here probably needs it more than i do.

Just about 45% of the people here are capable of improvising a decent dialogue about this hypothetical electric tooth brush.

No one bought the brush, despite its rechargeable batteries. Or its interchangeable head. Or the colour options. Or its extreme high rotation speeds.

Curso Introduccion a Electronica y Arduino

 Curso de Introducción a la Electrónica DIY y la programación con Arduino:

More information: HERE

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Oshpark Gerber Cam Job (Eagle)

I was a loyal user of BatchPCB a side project of SparkFun. Recently, their service was moved to OSH Park which supports Eagles 6.4 or higher board files natively. However I always liked the fact that SparkFun provided with their own cam job that works just perfect. And since these gerber files are the actual standard in the industry (i think…) well i made my own for OSH Park.

Remember, don’t leave any layer empty (that goes for Top and Bottom Silk Layers)

The layout is like this:

  • boardname.GTL Top Layer (top, pads, vias)
  • boardname.GBL Bottom Layer (bottom, pads, vias)
  • boardname.GTS Top Soldermask (tStop)
  • boardname.GBS Bottom Soldermask (bStop)
  • boardname.GTO Top Silkscreen (tPlace)
  • boardname.GBO Bottom Silkscreen (bPlace)
  • boardname.GKO Board Outline (Dimension)
  • boardname.XLN Drills (Holes, Drills)

You can download it: HERE

I hope it’s good and that it works for you!

Filmography 2012 – YouTube

Romantic Colors – Somepeople

El pasado viernes, a eso de las 10:00pm de la noche entre en el bar Rocambole. Tras pagar un simbólico precio de 2€ y recibir a cambio un disco con el recién lanzado primer álbum de Somepeople me dispuse a acercarme a la primera fila. No fue si no a medio camino que me cruce con uno de los miembros de este grupo y con una clara excitación me dijo “Ya llevamos 150 personas” y salió disparado en un arranque de nervios. Y con razón.

Fue hace escasas semanas que apareció en el Bandcamp de este grupo su nuevo álbum Romantic Colors y por conocerles ya de antes por conciertos y demás reseñas me dispuse a escucharle. Decir que este auto-editado álbum combina la potencia de sus directos con ese sonido a estudio como el de Nirvana seria quedarse corto.  Sin embargo no se quedan encasquillados en ese genero, canciones como “A Chance” o la corta pero divertida “You’re on a Elevator” cambian dramáticamente la opinión del álbum ya que amplían claramente el horizonte de géneros.
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