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Repion Concert

LCH and Kokoshca

This past weekend I went to a show at a local bar in Santander. Not even halfway there I was already hating the fact that I had forgotten  to bring earplugs again, and knowing how little regard this particular bar has for music volume I was already preparing myself for a long night of intense music and post-show ear ringing.
The bands were LCH and Kokoshca, both from Spain, and I originally didn’t expect much from them, since a friend of mine had been talking constantly about both of them for the past week. We could say I had grown tired of their names without having even gone to the show yet.
This, however changed rapidly soon into the show.
LCH is a well known local band and as usual, they did not disappoint. It is however the second band that played that night that I’d like to comment on. Positively that is, of course.
With a well staged performance followed by a homy atmosphere with sofas and not too many people, one might think it would lack some kick. But as they went through their setlist their music gained in strength and carried quite a punch. I would describe them as a renewed, slightly more on the Pop side version of The B52’s, although that might be due to their vocalists, whose voices resemble those of The B52’s.

Overall, both highly recommended bands.

Liste to Kokoshca: HERE

Listen to LCH: HERE

Romantic Colors – Somepeople

El pasado viernes, a eso de las 10:00pm de la noche entre en el bar Rocambole. Tras pagar un simbólico precio de 2€ y recibir a cambio un disco con el recién lanzado primer álbum de Somepeople me dispuse a acercarme a la primera fila. No fue si no a medio camino que me cruce con uno de los miembros de este grupo y con una clara excitación me dijo “Ya llevamos 150 personas” y salió disparado en un arranque de nervios. Y con razón.

Fue hace escasas semanas que apareció en el Bandcamp de este grupo su nuevo álbum Romantic Colors y por conocerles ya de antes por conciertos y demás reseñas me dispuse a escucharle. Decir que este auto-editado álbum combina la potencia de sus directos con ese sonido a estudio como el de Nirvana seria quedarse corto.  Sin embargo no se quedan encasquillados en ese genero, canciones como “A Chance” o la corta pero divertida “You’re on a Elevator” cambian dramáticamente la opinión del álbum ya que amplían claramente el horizonte de géneros.
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Opening for Ruidoblanco at Opium Pub

Well, this Saturday Momo had the pleasure of opening for the band Ruidoblanco. After some technical difficulties we manage to keep it almost on schedule. A complete success, i think…

Momo being really drunk and happy

More information: HERE

Momo, Concert at Opium Pub

Well, well, well…To say that our first show as Momo was a complete success, wouldn’t quite describe it!
It was awesome from the very beginning! And we hope that every one there enjoyed it!

We will be playing again on the following dates:
-11th of November at the Pub Opium, Santander at 22h OPENING FOR THE BAND RUIDOBLANCO!
-2nd of December at the Pub La Finca, santander at 22:30h
-23nd of December at the Pub Opium, Santander.

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Lots of thanks to Esther for all the pictures:

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