Logic Friday OS X

So, a couple of years ago i set myself to find a simple program that could perform simple digital algebra operations. Eventually i found Logic Friday, which turned out to be simple to use, fast and powerful enough for simple problems. It is basically a GUI for espresso and misII and it works wonderfully. However it is only available for windows, so here is a simple Mac version of Logic Friday (thanks to Wine). I have tested it in multiple apple computers running 10.8 and it worked fine.

All the credit to Sontrak  (where you can download the original windows version and obtain further information on the Logic Friday tool) and to the espresso and misII tools*

You can download the Mac version here: LogicFriday.zip (251.0 MB)

ALSO: Make sure that you have X11 installed in your Mac! It used to come preinstalled in OS X but not anymore!!!!

*Espresso and misII are copyright © 1988-1993, Regents of the University of California.


Today, i was having a conversation over the Facebook chat. Just like any other, when i suddenly found myself thinking about multitasking.
I can’t remember a which point it started, but, there was a moment when, during the same conversation, there where multiple conversations or levels of information.
There were multiple topics, arguments and exchange of information happening at the same time, as if it were a complete different conversation.
We, native-digitals or almost native-digitals have develop this capacity, this way of commutation where we can have this constant exchange of pointless information while having a complete different conversation with the same person, at the same time. Some would call it multitasking, but it is not as much as doing different things at the same time but doing one single thing multiple times, at the same time!
Does that make any sense?