Floyd-Warshall (C code)

For all of you who at some point had to implement the Floyd-Warshall algorithm out there, here is a possible way of doing it on C:


This code includes the necessary functions to calculate the path within the network, once the algorithm has been executed. The files include an input and output example.

If you don’t know how the Floyd-Warshall algorithm works then i suggest you read the following Wikipedia article:


I very much doubt i could explain it much better here, but I hope my code can take some of the work off!

Aure Mars And Remote

Over the past two weeks and with the help of the rest of the team, for our Electronic Components 101 Class at the University of Cantabria We’ve designed a robot that in the end competed with the robots made by the other teams.

After a lot of hard work and some bugs along the way, we present to you the Aure Mars:

And for all you people who want to know the internal workings well… here is the CODE